My elk and other animals (deer, goats, pigs, llamas, horses, peafowl of all colors, geese, ducks, wildlife, and wild birds) live on my 503 acres in the most rugged and rocky part of the Rocky Mountains - the part elk like the best.
The ranch was my husband's dream, his kingdom after years of being a criminal lawyer. It was originally his hunting ranch, but he was killed in 1996 and it became mine to run. I turned it into a sanctuary for animals that costs $200,000 most years to run without my husband's dawn-to-dusk free honest labor. The elk herd is 7 times the number it was in 1996. The price of hay and grain has more than doubled, and years of drought have prevented us from growing our own grass. Fencing is a never-ending task, and the elk's 17-acre pens cost lots of money and require lots of expert heavy labor.

That $200,000 that runs the ranch comes from you who call me for my psychic insight and analysis of the people you are dealing with in your life. I will make it worth your while to make their lives worthwhile. Your money buys the animals their lives, so their lives are good because of you, and your life is good because you helped support them.


In September, we get two tractor-trailer loads of good alfalfa hay for the winter plus multiple tons of grain to keep the animals' bodies warm and healthy. So call me in August and early September a lot - please!


You can certainly give without getting a psychic reading... give any amount you prefer.




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