What would make life easier right now?
Where are you now and where do you want to be?
What is it you want to prevent? To accomplish?
Who are you now, and is that who you want to be?
Right now there is something that, if you knew it, you would be at ease... something that persists in the back of your mind like an itch – an itch for an answer. Together we find and scratch, we get to that answer. Together we dissect that uneasiness in such a way that it's your hands on its controls, and you have attitude that works.
What I, an Analytical Tarot Psychic, Can Do For You:
Give me 12 minutes, $45, and you'll know: clearly, intensely, memorably:
How this person (anyone) really feels and really thinks about you: motives, intentions, attitude.
What will you see this person do in the next, say, 3 months?
What do you do, be, and say to make it happen the way you want it to?
These 3 questions analyze any transaction, any relationship, 100% accurately in detail with no information from you... not even a name: job interviews, job security, love relationship - friends, family, neighbors, parties to a lawsuit or business transaction... persons you have not met and don't know anything about... These 3 questions are you + someone.
The next question set focuses on your person + someone else
How does the man who is important to me feel about the other woman? or How does the woman who is important to me feel about the other man? or, in a business question:How does the Company I want to impress feel about what the competition is offering?
How does 'The Other Woman' feel about the man who is so important to me? or How does 'The Other Man' feel about the woman who is so important to me? or, in a business question:How are the competitors relating to the Company I want to impress? What are they presenting?
What will happen between these PARTIES in the next, say, 3 months? or in a business question: Will I get my promotion/contract/raise in, say, 3 months?
These additional 3 questions, another 12 minutes, another $45, and you are done: You know all you need to have perspective, clarity, insight on where you stand, on why he acts the way he does. A gift is yours: handling reality better by not taking it too seriously, no matter how serious it is... the best $45 or $90 you ever spend. The insight stays with you, and you feel good now.
There are at least 14 ways Emily is unique among psychic readers:
She reads the people you deal with, and situations you deal with, not (just) you.
She gives you direct word-for-word answers to direct specific questions (not general stuff).
She is big on D e t a i l.
She asks for no information from you. Not a name. Not a birthday. Unless you choose.
She does not use spirit guides.
She offers practical approach + psychic insight blended. How-to, not foo-foo.
She tells you if there is no answer or an ill-formed answer. (No, it doesn't happen often at all.) 
Emily's life experience is extremely broad and varied (25 years of technical court reporting, owning the business, in South Florida. Being the daughter of a Hastings-on-the-Hudson debutante whose daddy was the business partner of the 'Hell Hound of Wall Street,' who was in turn a business partner to John D. Rockefeller, and being the daughter of an OSS reconnaissance agent (spy) who blew up bridges in occupied France and was the only survivor of a mustard gas attack by the Germans. There is more.) She knows types of people and isn't afraid to call it what it is!
Emily passes on to you her gift of not taking serious things too seriously: You leave with that in your hands. (You can sleep now.)
Your session is usually entertaining. She illustrates the position you are in with stories, and analogies that make it clear quickly and easy to remember.

She knows what she is 'good at' and 'not so good at' and tells you.

She adopts your perspective; the reading is from your point of view. Not Emily's and not the world's values: yours.
Her 25 years of court reporting gives richly instructive answers about legal matters, medical matters, and business deals.
Where else can you care for so many animals as well as yourself with the money you spend on your own concerns?
You can discover how your life situation and your spiritual growth connect.

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Phone: 1-800-993-6912 (in the U.S.)
208-894-4515 (overseas)

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