I am a writer, translator, and an Intercultural trainer. I recently had the pleasure of consulting Ms. Emily Sandstrom regarding two of my Internet businesses. It was my first consultation with her. Prior to this, I discussed my circumstances and ideas with many teachers, coaches, and businesspeople. I've also taken many courses on a wide variety of relevant subjects, such as marketing and development. 
While each person was able to impart me nuggets of wisdom, I was still left foundering around, finding it difficult to decide on a course of action that would speak to my passion and remain true to my vision.
Yet, to my astonishment, Ms. Sandstrom was able to guide and inspire me in one short conversation. She helped me define and structure my businesses. It was incredible how she kept coming up with idea after idea. She is truly a fount of wisdom and creativity. I can attest to her abilities as a business consultant.
- Cheryl Chow

I've been getting insight from Emily for the last 5 yrs. I work in the entertainment business which is full of empty promises and two bit hustlers and it's truly a cutthroat business. With Emily's uncanny abilities I've been able to navigate through some pretty tight spots, she has a matter-of-fact style of speaking, sharp wit and humorous nature that let's you know you're talking to a friend who genuinely cares about people (I mean for goodness sake she does it to support a Elk ranch!!!!!) and the woman has enough other pets, critters and varmints running around to start a small zoo....she cares. She has warned me of ill natured peoples' intent, financial pitfalls, told me about births, relationships and any other concerns and if she can't get a clear reading on an issue she'll let you know to come back to that question on a later date. Emily has been and will be a valuable tool in my business and personal affairs she has never let me down in all these years and I look back and think of how accurate and detailed she has been, I can't think of one instance that she's been wrong, Thanks, Em!
- Sam Fair, Virginia
I have been getting intuitive guidance from Emily on different life matters for over 2 years. First off, she is a great reference for practical information. When she does a reading, she gets right to the heart of the matter and straight to the point. She gives clear-cut practical instruction on any HOW-TO question. There is nobody better at pragmatizing intuitive information than Emily!
When I call, I call with a list of specific questions around one or more issues. In a matter of minutes, I have a full set of instructions on how to handle whatever situation I'm dealing with. She reads other people in the scenario very accurately, she reads the situation accurately, and then gives me my own M.O. for optimal results. Her insight is extraordinary, practical, and excellent for those who are interested in finding out more about the inner workings of their life situations and how to deal with them effectively.
What's particularly useful to me is her innate ability to tie those practical answers she gives into long-term solutions for self development. Since my first reading with her I've seen countless changes in my own life. Her readings allow me to look at situations in a different light, and discover alternate ways of responding which I would not necessarily have seen on my own. Her guidance is often like a light in the dark. I am a different person now in both my romantic relationship and my professional life. My communication skills have changed significantly as well, and I get far more respect from others in general. I am much better at dealing with politics in the corporate world, as well as understanding and positioning myself in the politics of my own family!!
Emily is an awesome compass. She doesn't just read energy, she gives tools in practical form so you can make actual progress in the here and now. I cannot recommend her more highly. She has helped me tremendously.
I also love the way she uses the money from the readings - she has an Elk Ranch and supports a lot of animals. The pictures she sends of them are an added bonus!
- Aleen Quin
I've known Emily for many years. Emily's name always comes to mind when I need guidance, self assurance and how to handle difficult situations in my life. There were several instances during severe emotional circumstances that I simply needed to calm down - things weren't as bad as I imagined. I couldn't see the forest for the trees but Emily always has the big picture and offers -through Tarot and relational experiences - what to do to make it happen the way you want/need it to.
In this dire economy, Emily has helped me get 2 jobs now and guess what - the man I've loved all my life. Emily meticulously, deals the cards and it is amazing what turns up and how accurate they are. For example, her insight, saved my 'guy' from signing a document that would have tied him to a disastrous financial situation forever. The appointment was scheduled but when his attorney called and asked what it was about, it was mysteriously canceled.
Emily is an amazing individual.  I've learned so much from her. My lesson in life has been difficult but with her help, I have come a long way. The cards are always surprising and Emily is straight up. She tells it like it is. Yes, it's true - 100% accuracy. My man wonders if I am the one who is psychic - he doesn't know about my secret weapon. She reads his thoughts, feelings and actions perfectly - AND even advises me on how to respond to get things going in the best possible way. IT WORKS!
I've been to many psychics through the years and I cannot give her enough accolades.  Others give generalities, but not the precise detail you get from Emily.  You can try these folks who give you on question free, etc. - but you get what you pay for.  All I can say is TRY IT - I've spent tons over the past few years and believe me it's been worth every penny.
- Patty Kasil, Alabama
Emily Sandstrom has been my spiritual guide and life coach since 2005. I have come to her for consultation regarding personal, professional and financial matters. Her insight and wisdom have been astonishing.
I am a physician and the mother of two brilliant and challenging teenagers. Emily helped me navigate through a divorce a few years ago. Her guidance helped me know what to expect, when and how to best proceed. I came through with heart, soul, finances and children intact.
Emily has given me astute guidance regarding romance and friendship. She's helped me anticipate whether a love interest would be good or bad news for me, and in exactly what manner. Emily is shockingly accurate in the details of who my true friends would be, and whom I could trust.
Emily has helped me survive and thrive in a political complex workplace. Through insight into people's attitudes and motivation she's identified supporters and given me specific guidance in building programs and relationships.. 
I'm grateful to Emily for the guidance and support that's helped me achieve so much happiness in my life. I must praise her for her tireless care of the elk and other animals on her ranch. I love hearing her melodic "Well, hello there ..." with the multitude of birds in the background when I call. In less than 5 minutes on the telephone with Emily you will know she is the real deal.
- Jennifer W., Florida
I have been working with Emily for at least 12 years. I can’t say enough for her; she has always been there for me. I can call whenever—almost 24 hours a day.  Leave her a message and she will call back. Emily has been able to give me direction, calm my fears, reassured me of myself and has given me understanding of many difficult situations, from my love life, family and career. I think of the money that I have spent, but at least the money has gone back to nature and animals and not to a corporation.
I have asked about my deepest fears and concerns that I would have never expressed with anyone, she has been able to clarify and assist me with understanding from her readings. She prepared me for some unexpected situations unknowingly. Sometimes I wish I could sit and talk with her for hours upon hours (more than I have). Which to say,  she will be there to talk with you for as long as you want even if it is hours upon hours. I was amazed the first time I talked to Emily; I wish I still had my first reading. Write down what she says, because sometimes what she reads is so unexpected. Give yourself time to pull away from the immediate. You will be AMAZED.
- Julie B. (RN), Texas
I have really enjoyed having readings with Emily. Emily's answers are answers to exactly the questions you ask, are focused and are in detail--as much detail as you want.  She knows what the strengths are of the Tarot process, and knows what kinds of things she is expert in and what she is not. She phrases the questions around the strengths. Her system is unique and accurate. 
Over the years, fifteen or so, as someone who takes life seriously, I have adopted some of Emily's better strategies on not taking things too seriously, even if they are serious, to save wear and tear on myself. Emily tells you hard things straight out, and along with that, how to make them easier or avoid them.
She is excellent over a variety of challenges - Court processes especially!
She also guided me in ways to conduct meetings of a large group I was head of as the medical director that year.  She described accurately how infants in the family will respond to medical treatment, gave me practical ways to make a better person of a difficult parent over time, how a new house my parents were buying would vastly improve their relationship because the layout of the house fostered privacy, and why a stray cat I let in the house behaved in certain ways. When I was new to corporate America she gave me insight on how the various heads of divisions felt about one another, how they interacted, and how that affected my position. She gave me a look into what a love affair would be like, before I would get into it. So sometimes I didn't. That helped!
I have visited Emily at the ranch, and I can tell you it is real and those animals are something else. I really enjoyed the elk, goats, and geese. Animals outlive their life expectancy on her place. She was a hospitable hostess. One of the reasons I call Emily is to make sure the wonderful animals are cared for.
Spiritual realities are part of the readings about everyday life, and often are part of the 'why.'  Emily's down-to-earth approach to things people are usually theoretical about is so useful: I liked that and it is food for thought even when I don't quite see things the same way as she.
I am glad I have had the chance to meet and get to know her over the years and I would recommend a reading from her to anyone.  She can be reached so easily and is usually available that very moment to answer questions.
- Carey Casul, Maryland

I have been using Emily's insights for over five years now. The lady gives it to you straight: no chasers, plus insights on how to improve your situation. Readings are always informative and fun.
- Marian, Denver, Colorado

I recently had a few personal issues,that despite much worrying and
countless hours of pondering,I just couldn't find the answers I needed
I consulted Emily  and had her do a reading for me.I was amazed at how
precise and accurrate she read the cards.
Now with answers in hand I am working to resolve these issues  and am
making great progress.
If you are dealing with uncertainties and are tired of agonizing, I
would recommend that you call Emily.
- Terry Twofeathers

I am a retail executive from the greater Baltimore area. I came upon Emily through an advertisement and knew instinctively that she was a person with great insight and integrity. I called her initially to gain some perspective on family issues.
Since then, she has proven to be a strong foundation for me. She is always available and approachable, giving me a sense of relativity. Though I may not always understand reasoning behind the message, she ensures my retention and clear understanding of the information she provides. Again, she makes her messages relevant. Additionally, she also provides "next step" assistance and can clearly guide me along the path of "where do I go from here?".

She is outstanding her ability to answer with clear specifics, and is able to be honest, and helps me to remain focused. Moreover, she is able to provide exceptionally definitive information when time lines are provided.

I truly do not know where I would be today without her insights in family, career, relationships, and life choices. She has helped me to understand the intentions as well as the motivations of others. She is truly gifted and has made my life issues make more sense and helped me gain clearer perceptions.
All in all, I would without hesitation, recommend her to anyone who is seeking to know the answers to "when, how, and why." She has the unique ability to help us all with her relativity and empathy. She is real.
Thank you so much for allowing me to comment on my dear counselor!  It is truly an honor and privilege.
- Lisa Schaeffer

15 years. I have been talking to Emily so long she is family to me. She is the one who got me to be an RN. I have a very responsible job now with a government agency. I live in my own place and love it now. My son is doing well. The places I used to haunt back then are not where I'm at now.
I think I am on my third life, I have come so far, and I look forward to more good times. I have come so far I don't talk as much or as long any more to Emily, and am welcome just as much as when I did talk a lot.
So many members in my extended family, so much going on – and the same at the workplace. I am one of those people who is polite to everybody and minds my own business: It is good to know from Emily what they are all up to without having to get too involved to find out. She reads their minds and their souls – what they are up to, their motivation. The people can be anybody. She just gives me the headlines, and I take it from there. They can be people you haven't met yet. She can tell you what will happen at a place, and you can decide whether to go. Things like that. What it will be like to live at an apartment you looked at, if you move there. How well one or the other types of surgery will turn out for you. What is best to wear to a job interview, a night out or a function. Why the people at work are resenting you: their view of you. This mindreading is what Emily does the very best. Want to know what mood the dude will be in when you get home – what he will say if you mention XYZ to him? Oh, yeah!
Want to know what you are doing that is working at the job, what your strong points are in the eyes of the people who write the paycheck? Oh, yeah! Why they act the way they do is so clear  ... and they SAY the very words she says. Often. I look forward to better times in the future and to talk more with Emily.
- Nancy Lee, Los Angeles, CA



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